About RICE

Rattanakosin International College of Creative Entrepreneurship

Rattanakosin International College of Creative Entrepreneurship – RICE was founded in 2017 in response to Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin’s vision to be a leading university for entrepreneurship focusing on creative industry in the international professional arena and international academia. Capitalizing on the stronghold of the legendary fine arts and craftmanship training of its renowned Poh-Chang Academy of Arts since the reign of His Majesty King Vajiravudh (H.M. King Rama VI), RICE aims to develop talents, managers, and entrepreneurs in a broad array of creative industry by blending the instruction, training, nurture and development of knowledge, skills, attitudes, relevant attributes, and entrepreneurial spirit in young people can successfully turn their passions into lifelong professions and successfully seize opportunities available in the borderless world of interconnectedness.

Our firm tenacity to craft talents and entrepreneurs in the creative industries prescribes us to design the path that would lead our students to an assured way of becoming successful talents and entrepreneurs. Our programs incorporate program related practical skill training from worldwide recognized educational institutions and professional association, sufficient program related science, business degree from foreign higher education institutions and an extensive industrial placement in high profiled potential employing organizations. This program structure design would guarantee not only high standard technical skills but also adaptability and fit to the changing industrial environment, business mind, international exposure and network necessary for a young talent to confidently and firmly enter the professional world.

In Academic Year 2018 (starting from September) it would launch a new program in the field of culinary arts and technology under a partnership with Institut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier an affiliated chef school to the most prestigious culinary chef professional association – Disciples Escoffier named after the father of modern cuisine whose members are chefs to the heads of states, Michelin star-chefs and culinary celebrities. The program is offering not only a Thai bachelor degree but also a business degree from a French business school as well as a French Government recognized certificate in French cuisine.

In the years to come, RICE is undergoing the preparation process for the programs, partnership and other collaborations with prestigious schools in Europe in the field of Jewelry Design, Fashion Design, Cosmetology and other fields that are of young people’s interest.

RICE believes that working with passion yield impeccable results and that is why it would like to make passions turned to be professions for young people who would be essential assets of global socio-economic development


RICE where Passions turn Professions


To be the SMART Entrepreneur University


  1. RICE commits to develop higher education degrees in structural partnership with high credential technical skill training and higher education partners covering all aspects of art and culture related creative industry.
  2. RICE commits to provide academic services and conduct research in fields related to the provided program to publics.
  3. RICE commits to allocate its resource and efforts to program operation and extracurricular activities to ensure instant employment after graduation, skill migration, and creating their own business initiatives.
  4. RICE commits to allocate its resource and efforts to attract, maintain, and develop their teaching staff in accordance to OHEC indication of excellence and international higher education standard.
  5. RICE commits efforts to level its brand recognition among its prospective students and their families in Thailand and in the Indochina peninsular.

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