Message from the Director

Dr. Nuttapong Jotikasthira

Director of Rattanakosin International College of Creative Entrepreneurship

Message from the Director

Sawasdee Krub,

       The world has never been this complex and unpredictable like this before. Changes and uncertainties are becoming new normalcy making our knowledge and skills from schools quickly redundant, economic system and our lives disrupted within an eyeblink. As such, professional success and life happiness need redefinition embrace the situation and soft competencies like critical and creativity thinking skills, resilience, adaptability, international mindedness, intercultural intelligence and the likes are now gaining recognition as foundation to success and happiness. My colleagues at RICE and myself, we are well aware of this as well as the need to modernize our curriculum and pedagogical approach.

       We would like to assure to you that our programs are carefully crafted, fine and tune until we are sure that you will be prepared for the interconnected, horizontal and borderless world where opportunities are there to seize and challenges will also be there to overcome. Our courses are designed to make you distinguished in your professional worlds. Our team, teaching and non-teaching staff, has a fervent determination to help you through your first tertiary education journey both with studies and your personal lives.

       Please do not hesitate to make enquiry about our programs, students’ lives or any information you would like to know about us to support your enrollment decisions. My colleagues are more than willing to provide all your needed information.

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